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Team Building/Needs Analysis Workshop (‘T.B.N.A.’)

Purpose and Benefits

The ‘TBNA’ workshop is a ‘stand-alone’ event, but often leads to further training and development for individuals

or teams within a company. It is fast-paced, participative, enlightening, and entertaining. Focus is around fundamental areas: attitudes and behaviours, barriers, strengths and opportunities, breakthrough thinking and commitment to action. It will:

  1. Give your team members an opportunity to take time out from their busy day to think about, and discuss where the company is, where it ought to be and what their part in it should be.

  1. Help participants assess their own development needs, and the development needs of the rest of the team, in a structured and systematic way.

  1. Find out from each participant whether they would wish to take on any further management or leadership training, and why (or why not).

  1. Enable participants to see for themselves the Mentor Corporate Coaching approach to training and development, and to judge whether it would suit them.

  1. Facilitate open discussion of the company’s strengths and weaknesses, and build a stronger team as a result of the shared experience.

  1. Give the business leaders an accurate and honest summary of the real challenges employees face and the impact it has on them as individuals, and on the Company.

Workshop duration: 2 hours. Includes management analysis report and ‘next steps’ coaching for the Line Manager.

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