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Mentor Corporate Coaching is a training and development organisation with over 70 year’s experience in management and leadership. Established in 1999, we are still working with clients who we first met in 1999.

We don’t have your technical knowledge and won’t tell you how to run your business. What we do know is people: how to get them to think more clearly and help them develop the attitudes and behaviours to help you get the results you want.

In today’s business reality, achieving optimum performance from team members is a skill – getting engagement, motivation and commitment isn’t always easy. Mentor’s strong approach to the training and development of business people is combined with the unique ability to take people to a level that they wouldn’t normally get to on their own.

Our training sessions are fast paced, highly participative, challenging and most of all fun! By using a ‘spaced learning’ concept, participants have the opportunity to experiment with the practical application of their training in between sessions which develops their skills – unless they’re doing something different in the workplace, they haven’t been trained – they’ve been educated.

It’s real-life, life-speed and it’s measurable – participants become more results focused and less activity engrossed, which gives you the results you want.

Specialising in…….

Personal Effectiveness

Communication Expertise

Sales Development

Customer Service

Executive Performance

Change Management

Building High Performance Teams

Leadership and Performance Management

Managing Client Relationships