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Sales Development Programme

What is it and who should do it?

A spaced-learning programme for business people – at any level – who have responsibility for obtaining new business from new clients, repeat business from existing clients and who are responsible for client relationship management and customer service.

Entry Qualifications

  1. No formal qualifications are required.

  2. Delegates attend a ‘pre-start interview’ to assess suitability to this programme.

  3. Delegates are expected to commit to applying the concepts of this programme in between formal sessions in real-life situations and verbally report on outcomes at each session.

  4. Have regular contact with clients/potential clients with the possibility of obtaining new business.


People who are better ‘assistant buyers’: able to obtain higher levels of business by building relationships based on mutual trust and respect. Better organised, more focused relationship builders with measurably higher levels of clients, sales, repeat business and profit without recourse to high pressure sales tactics.


  • 7 ‘formal’ sessions, one per week at a public venue or designed and delivered in-house for teams (time of day by arrangement). Each session is 3 hours duration.

  • One mid-point coaching review after Session 4 at the participant’s place of work. One final coaching review. Two management review meetings with the Line Manager.

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