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Greenhalgh Kerr Hosts Mentor Executive Club

The penultimate Executive Club meeting of Series 11 was hosted by Ian Greenhalgh of Greenhalgh Kerr, Wigan –   Ian has been an active member of the Mentor Executive Club for 9 years.   His workshop on Saturday 23 April asked the question: ‘What’s Trending in the New Business Reality’? and challenged members on the validity of traditional business methodologies vs the unpredictable and currently inconceivable trends undoubtedly heading our way.  A thought provoking morning!

The Mentor Executive Club meets every 2 months on Saturday mornings – events vary from workshop style meetings to activity based events.    Members must hold a senior position in their business and have undertaken a Mentor training programme to be eligible for membership as the Executive Club extends the skills gained on training programmes.  For more details telephone 0844 412 8105.