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To give business leaders the opportunity to ‘dip their toe in the water’, Mentor Corporate Coaching holds a workshop style seminar several times a year. Over 90% of delegates attending say they are ’seeking solutions to challenges’.

Our theme for 2015 is ‘Motivation and Engagement’.  The ‘Engaging Leadership’ seminar is a ‘free sample’ from us to you. It is a stand-alone event that will provide you with a useful investment of 2 hours and 15 minutes to take an objective view of your business – where are you now and where should you be in your business performance? Benchmarking with other senior business people at the seminar helps to clarify thinking. There is no catch – there is no cost, no obligation and no selling….. but there is a free light breakfast!

This seminar will help you to obtain a realistic evaluation of where your business is now compared to where you want it to be.   You won’t necessarily get all the answers on the day, but you will clarify what you and your team need to do to make a BREAKTHROUGH in your Business. You can then take action to move yourself and your team strongly forward.

‘It’s very participative’ says Gillian Fitzmaurice, Managing Director, ‘people get the most benefit from talking to each other – it helps them to clarify their thinking. Once they’ve done that, options for moving forward are also clearer. We just facilitate that process.

Come and join us for breakfast and find out for yourself why our seminars produce 100% positive feedback.

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