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Personal Excellence Programme

What is it?

A practical, life-speed, skills based, spaced-learning training programme focusing on developing the attitudes, behaviours and ‘softer’ skills required for optimising personal potential and performance and to develop effective and inspirational leadership in challenging times.   Based on 6 fundamental personal growth concepts: Planning, Personal Development, Communication, People Management, Leadership and Coaching.

Who is it for?

All levels of people who are required to provide effective leadership in their work situation, whether or not  they have direct reports. This Programme supports making specialist knowledge based capabilities more productive, particularly with leadership and coaching skills, effective communication, presentation skills, conflict management, performance management and human relations.

Entry Qualifications

1. No ‘formal’ qualifications are required.

2. Delegates attend a ‘pre-start interview’ to assess suitability to this Programme.

3. Delegates are expected to commit to applying the concepts of this Programme in between sessions in real-life situations and verbally reporting on outcomes at each session.


More confident, assertive and flexible individuals who communicate well with all levels and in all situations, both formal and informal. Measurably better relationship building and problem solving skills with the ability to generate a more positive attitude themselves and within others, more of the time and gain the willing co-operation of others through strong, influencing skills.


  • 8 weeks duration. One ‘formal’ session per week in the evenings either at a public venue or designed and delivered in-house for teams (time of day by arrangement). Each session is 3 hours.

  • one-to-one Evaluation and Review sessions (at your place of work), with yourself and feedback to your Line Manager.

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