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One of our long standing clients, Tina Carswell, Operations and Finance Director at Flair Rugs, Glossop was recently awarded the accolade of Finance Director of the Year 2014 (SME). After being presented with the award, Tina said: ‘I was stunned to win this award and want to say thank you for the nomination and to the judges who voted for me.  It’s an appropriate time to applaud my team at Flair Rugs – this award sums up the hard work, commitment and ‘flair’ they bring to the business.  I firmly believe ... [full post]

A new CIPD report shows that workplace conflict can result in situations of threat of, or actual, physical assault at work – 1 in every 25 respondents experienced this.  As managers, we have a key function in defusing tensions early to prevent conflict rather than having to resolve it when it goes too far. According to the CIPD report as many as one-in-ten employees leave their organisation as a result of difficult relationships at work. Managing emotions is one of the toughest leadership skills to master, but it can be ... [full post]

Now and again, clients on training Programmes inevitably miss a session due to business and client demands, yet keeping the momentum going is crucial to their progress and success.   The Mentor team are hugely committed to keeping all clients on track and it’s difficult sometimes to get to them for a make-up session or coaching review before the next group training.   Telephone session make-up calls are not the best way to keep clients aligned with the training - using online video conferencing software means Mentor Corporate Coaching can now connect ... [full post]

Hear from one of our clients about the success they had on our Personal Excellence Leadership Programme. http://www.adsprinklers.co.uk/News/personal-development- In the picture: Back row, left to right: Steve Bennett of Markem-Imaje, Mark Redikin of AD Sprinklers, Michael Thompson of Innova Solutions, Steve Lacey of AD Sprinklers, Laura Jane Middlebrook of J T Middlebrook Insurance, Steve Kean of Markem-Imaje. Front Row, left to right: Shirley Goodrick of Flair Rugs, Gillian Wright Fitzmaurice, Mentor Corporate Coaching (Programme Instructor), Rochelle Halliwell of Markem-Imaje.... [full post]