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SheQ Improvement Solutions Ltd – One-to-one coaching for business growth

SheQ Improvement Solutions Ltd’s, Managing Director, Monique Towner  selected Mentor Corporate Coaching’s Gillian Wright Fitzmaurice as her Growth Coach after signing up to the Growth Accelerator Scheme.  Gillian is an Approved and Registered Growth Coach.

As a small business with plans for growth, Monique needed one-to-one coaching to help her focus on a business plan, including a robust sales and marketing plan.

After an early coaching session with Gillian it was clear that Monique had significant personal obstacles standing in the way of her applying 100% focus into her business.

Gillian’s first recommendation was that Monique address these issues before tackling business improvements and growth.

Adjustments were made to initial objectives and Monique used her coaching time to work through making changes to her personal circumstances, resulting a clearer mind-set to work on the business.  Phase Two resulted in completion of a business plan, sales and marketing plan, action plans and results.

“Gill helped me to empower myself and encouraged me to take action in my personal life. She was very understanding of my personal situation and this helped me focus on what I need to do to deal with issues.”

In the 2 years which they have been working together Monique has promoted an internal member of staff, introduced more effective business practices which enable her to maintain control, and has developed the skills to better manage the business and her team.

Monique found her coaching sessions so beneficial that she extended her coaching schedule with Gillian beyond the funding she received from Growth Accelerator and is now ready to start a new project with Mentor Corporate Coaching in 2016.

“Gill is very compassionate and understanding – she balances this with an assertive approach that motivates me to focus on results to be achieved. ”